Zaragoza (Spain)

In Zaragoza (Spain), two districts are concerned by the RENAISSANCE project: Valdespartera (construction of 616 social housings and of the Sustainable Town Planning Centre) and El Picarral (refurbishment of 196 social housings and of a school). The 80,840 sqm of buildings involved in the project are leading to an emission reduction of 2,831 tonne CO2/year.

Ecociudad of Valdespartera
New buildings
Area “El Picarral”

The common objective involves a bioclimatic approach of social housings, with high energy-efficiency criteria, in order to have an impact on the whole urban fabric. Socio-economics research should enable us to better understand the perception and the social acceptance linked to innovative techniques and the habits to have.

The Sustainable Town Planning Centre and the refurbished school, are becoming leadings teaching aid. The Sustainable Town Planning Centre main objective is to advocate and promote energy policy. It organises as well exhibitions as seminars and provide the inhabitants with training sessions. It enables also to advice them regarding their energy consumption thanks to the monitoring of a significant share of the constructed or retrofitted dwellings under the project. The experience of the “Colegio Domingo” (Public School) refurbishment is disseminated through specific trainings.

Last but not least, researchers are setting-up an innovative model of ESCO (Energy Service COmpagny) that may become an exemplary model all over Europe.

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23 February 2015
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