Grand Lyon (France)

Grand Lyon’s CONCERTO-RENAISSANCE project is part of an ambitious city-centre urban regeneration projects in Confluence.

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The « CONCERTO district » is made up 21 buildings (660 dwellings and 15,000 sqm of office) shared among 3 blocks A, B and C. These constructions were concerned by stringent requirements in terms of energy efficiency, use of renewable energy and social diversity. Moreover they are followed by large-scale energy consumption monitoring which should enable us to better understand green buildings behaviour.

The construction of blocks A, B and C was the opportunity to develop innovative methods with regard to technical (bioclimatic approach, power-generation, integrated monitoring system) and social issues (call of tenders process, relationship between real estate developers, social monitoring, etc.). This project was a leverage to strengthen the Confluence objective to go toward a “green district”. This dynamic has recently been recognized by the partnership set up with WFF in the framework of the “One planet living” programme.

Tools developed are now free available on the web site.

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An energy demonstration project supported by the European Commission (DG TREN), 6th Framework Programme
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23 February 2015
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