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An objective of RENAISSANCE projects, as part of CONCERTO programme, consists to disseminate the tools invented as part of the project. It aims to facilitate the emergence of green district and to tend, in the long run, towards Post-Carbon Cities.

RENAISSANCE final Publication

Innovative Buildings for Low-Energy Cities
High Quality Construction Process and Stakeholder Appropriation
+ 19 Cases Studies illustrating the main lessons learnt and recommendations of the project
This document presents the capitalization work of all partners following three main lines: activities led, lessons learnt and recommendations.

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Lyon : Capitalizing the experience of a 7 years project

Publication 1 : Project management
Analysis of the project’s montage, execution and impact on the evolution of energy policies
Following a history of the European project, this document aims at highlighting the main lessons learnt and results, and its impacts on energy policy at the municipal, regional and national level.
Publication 2 : Design and construction
Integrating energy performance in the construction process: experience capitalization and recommendations
This document analyzes the design and realization (construction and equipment installation) phases of Blocks ABC on the Confluence peninsula. It brings a critical look at stakeholders’ relationships and the methods used by RENAISSANCE experts to favour a positive evolution of professional practices. The publication also clearly sets out failures in the appropriation chain that are still observed in projects today in France and that must thus be specifically addressed by the concerned actors.
Publication 3 : Operation and maintenance
Guaranteeing energy system performance: experience capitalization and recommendations
The RENAISSANCE project’s montage did not include specific activities towards energy managers during the operation and maintenance (O&M) phase. Nevertheless, RENAISSANCE ’s energy experts have observed a certain number of breaking points during the delivery of buildings to owners, the handing over of buildings from constructors and energy consultants to energy managers, and during the first two years of occupation. Knowing that little capitalization work exists on low energy buildings to this day, these observations deserve to be disseminated amongst the concerned professions and to serve as a basis for improving the O&M phase. An analysis of energy managers’ contracts also highlights certain recommendations. The upcoming monitoring campaign results should further consolidate the capitalization work on this phase.

Energy Policies

Position Paper on Energy Performance of Buildings Directive Recasting
PDF - 137.2 kb
EPBD_Position Paper_Sept08
Final Report on Energy & eco-Planning Policies
PDF - 644.1 kb
Full Report (EN)
Hespul, Grand Lyon, Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza & UNIZAR


satellite-based solution for PV monitoring
PDF - 177.3 kb
Handbook - PV districts & architecture
PDF - 1.3 Mb
Full Report (FR)
PDF - 1.6 Mb
Full Report (EN)
Guidebook for Designing very-low Energy consumption Buildings Enertech
Handbook for French Policy makers on refurbishment
PDF - 1.8 Mb
Full Report (FR)

Legal Aspects

Legal study on efficient energy clauses in Eco-building sales-contract
PDF - 1009.6 kb
Full Report (FR)
ALE & Itaque
Operation and maintenance contracts for energy efficient buildings
PDF - 1.4 Mb
Full Report (FR)
ALE & Girus

Energy Monitoring

Monitoring methodology for energy performance assessment of Grand LYON RENAISSANCE buildings
PDF - 2.3 Mb
Full Report (FR)
PDF - 1.5 Mb
Full Report (EN)

Fuel Wood Supply

Study on short rotation coppice supply chain-Rhône Department
PDF - 3.1 Mb
Full Report (FR)
Study on SRF techniques as environmental mitigation and energy supply system: the BREBEMI highway project ERSAF
Feasibility study about rural-urban ESCO to valorize agro forestry solid biomass through CHP ERSAF
Biomass from forestry of Malpensa Airport (EN)
PDF - 791.3 kb
Full Report (EN)
Social and Economic Impacts Of Energy Use of Biomasses
PDF - 1 Mb
Full Report (EN)
Guide on wood fuel boilers in urban dense area (FR) Guide Chaufferies Bois (FR) ALE

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