Wood-fuel supply chains Assessment and organisation (WP1.3)

Description of Work Package 1.3. objectives

Full Project Objectives :

Objectives 5 years programme

• To identify sustainable sources of wood-fuel locally available for energy production.
• To accurately assess their impact on natural and/or agricultural and/or urban environment when exploited for energy production.
• To properly study the design and implantation of wood-fuelled boilers and the organisation of the fuel delivery taking into account the specific constraints following from their localisation in a dense urban environment in Lyon.
• To organise economically viable local wood-fuel supply chains, including long-term contracts for operation of boilers and suply.

Description of work

• Evaluation of existing and exploitable wood-fuel resources, including forest residues and thinnings, short rotation coppice and source separated wood waste arising from urban waste streams.
• Assessment of their impact on the environment at the local and the global scale on the basis of a life cycle analysis, impacts on biodiversity and economic viability in the long term.
• If relevant on the basis of the results of prior studies, design and implement an economic and environmentally-friendly wood-fuel supply chain based on medium to long term contracts with local operators.
• Report on the sustainability of the supply chain and on the actual viability of local suppliers at the interim assessment time (2/ 3rd year) and after 5 years of operation.
• This is a focus of activity for the Lyon community, with an active support from Lombardy and expression of interest from Zaragoza in learning from the results, thus the time allocation for key partners.

Management overview

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23 February 2015
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