Buildings factsheets

Building factsheets inform on the energy efficiency of the buildings and renewable energy sources installed in the Blocks A, B and C (in French).

Block A: presentation of the block and per building
PDF - 1.5 Mb
Présentation Lot A
Zip - 4.3 Mb
Lot A Bâtiments_1
Zip - 6 Mb
Lot A Bâtiments_2
Block B: presentation of the block and per building
PDF - 3 Mb
Présentation Lot B
Zip - 5.7 Mb
Lot B Bâtiments_1
Zip - 6.9 Mb
Lot B Bâtiments_2
Zip - 3.9 Mb
Lot B Bâtiments_3
Zip - 7.9 Mb
Lot B Bâtiments_4
Block C: presentation of the block, housing and offices
PDF - 1.1 Mb
Présentation Lot C
Zip - 2.8 Mb
Lot C Bureaux et Logements
PV : Blocks A, B and C
Zip - 5.5 Mb
PV Lots A, B, C
Solar thermal: Blocks B and C
Zip - 2.3 Mb
Solaire thermique Lots B et C
Wood fuel boilers: Blocks A, B and C
Zip - 5.8 Mb
Chaufferies Bois Lots A, B, C
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23 February 2015
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