Management (WP0)

Description of Work Package 0 objectives- including WP0.1 & WP0.2

Full Project Key Objective (5 years programme):

Work Package 0 meets the following key project objective:

➢ to co-ordinate all the activities of the partners during the whole project to ensure the success of the project. The success of the network relies on making prompt and efficient decisions concerning technical, administrative and financial project matters.

In this project, management decisions will be implemented through the project co-ordinator, local coordinators, the Work Package leaders and the Project Steering Group (PSG).

See below RENAISSANCE Management Structure

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WP0: Management overview

Project Co-ordinator
GRAND LYON (assisted by HESPUL)
Local Coordinators
Community Lyon Lombardia Saragossa
Grand Lyon + HESPUL LOM Univ. Zaragoza (UdZ) + Ayto. Zaragoza

Full Project detailed Objectives under WP0.1 & WP0.2 :

WP0.1 International Co-ordination and Administration
See : Full Project objectives & Description of work

WP0.2: National Management
See : Full Project objectives & Description of work

WP0.1: International Co-ordination and Administration

WP0.1 : Full Project Objectives (5 years programme):

€ To co-ordinate all of the activities of the partners during the entirety of the project to ensure a successful outcome (achieving deliverable on time and to budget) and to report progress on a regular basis to the EC

WP0.1: Description of work (5 years programme)

€ To provide project management, leadership and co-ordination to the partner organisations taking part in the RENAISSANCE initiative and co-ordinate close and regular contact between the co-ordinator Grand- Lyon (assisted by Hespul) Ayto Zaragoza, assisted by UdZ and the Region of Lombardy. Both UdZ and Hespul will provide community based management and co-ordination.

€ To establish a project learning / communication network to allow document sharing and online collaboration for reports, shared work activities, etc.

€ To take the lead in the organisation of key shared project resources eg Renaissance website and literature and to develop promotional / reporting templates for the project partners as appropriate

€ Project reporting: to co-ordinate the production and submission of the annual progress, audit and financial reports to the European Commission in liaison with all partners. € To collect the Bank Guarantees from each partner as required for pre financing to the European Commission

€ To arrange (through Grand Lyon) regular payments to all project partners as defined in the pre-financing plan.

€ To meet with the EC officials as required through the duration of the project

€ To develop a clear project management plan (online) and ensure its use by all partners: setting out the management structure, lines of communication, risk management, project reporting and control procedures for tracking progress

€ To carry out risk assessment of the project and contingency planning and continually monitor this

€ To oversee the work undertaken by the WP groups and to monitor progress by these groups and to collate and disseminate all initial, interim and final progress reports from each WP.

€ To establish clear terms of reference for the PSG and CSGs in agreement with all partners

€ To oversee the arrangements for the PSG meetings in partnership with the meeting host country, to collect and issue all relevant documents for the meetings, take minutes and monitor follow up actions

€ Establishment of RENAISSANCE wide advisory networks: Scientific (Universities, Research Groups), Developers, Utilities, Planners, Architects, Agencies under lead of a partner organisation (e.g. ENDESA for utilities)

€ Evaluate the effectiveness of the gender action plan (as required by the Commission)

WP0.2: National Management

WP0.2 : Full Project Objectives (5 years programme):

€ To oversee the management of the Renaissance project in each community

€ To oversee the CSGs - Regular meetings of each CSG (quarterly)

€ To report to the project Coordinator as required

WP0.2: Description of work (5 years programme)

€ To arrange and attend necessary meetings and events in the community

€ To oversee the collaboration on and the production of the annual reports for the community and feed the necessary information required to the Co-ordinator

€ To keep appraised and generally inform the co-ordinator on progress and any changes or concerns relating to the work in the community

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