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RENAISSANCE Concerto project seen as exemplary
by French Government Department of Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Dev.
and Urban planning & its Eco-district webpage

RENAISSANCE Concerto project, seen by partners

FRANCE- Grand Lyon’s community

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Grand Lyon Website (in French)

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Lyon Confluence Website (in French)

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Agence Locale de l’Energie-Grand Lyon Website (in French)

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Hespul Website (in French)

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INSA-CETHIL (Univ.) Website (in French)

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Bouwfonds Marignan website (in French)

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Nexity Appolonia website (in French)

SPAIN-Saragossa’s community

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University of Zaragoza website (in Spanish)

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Ecocuidad de Valdespartera

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Centro del Urbanismo Sostenible

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Zaragoza City Hall website (in Spanish/partly translated in English)

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23 February 2015
Lyon Confluence: satellite data support solar energy production in a sustainable new city quarter  [...]