State of progress per communities

This sub-section contains the presentations done by Work-Package local Leaders, per each local community, the 27th April 2009 (Lyon).

These presentations show the state of progress of their work, as well as their respective planned activities, to be done by the end of the 4th year of implementation (Oct.2009).

Progress from Oct. 2008- April 2009 & Planned activities Title Leader (Org.) Download
Lyon’s Presentation
Project coordination LYON progress WP0.1 Hespul
PowerPoint - 464 kb
WP0.1 LYON_April09
Local coordination LYON progress WP0.2 Grand Lyon & Hespul
PowerPoint - 742 kb
WP0.2 LYON_April09
Wood-fuel supply & boilers management LYON progress WP1.3 ALE
PowerPoint - 667 kb
WP1.3 LYON_April09
Socio-Economic aspects LYON progress WP1.5 Hespul
PowerPoint - 2.5 Mb
WP1.5 LYON_April09
Innovation - monitoring (WP2) LYON progress WP2 (2.1, 2.2, 2.3) INSA
PDF - 2.4 Mb
WP2 LYON_April09
Demonstration LYON progress WP3 SPLA Lyon Confuence
PowerPoint - 38.6 Mb
WP3 LYON_April09
Dissemination & Promotion (WP4) LYON progress WP4 Grand Lyon & Hespul
PowerPoint - 782 kb
WP4 LYON_April09
Training (WP5) LYON progress WP5 ALE
PowerPoint - 689 kb
WP5 LYON_April09
Zaragoza’s Presentation
Local coordination ZAR progress WP0.2 UdZ
PowerPoint - 1.5 Mb
WP0.2 ZAR_April09
RTD & Innovation ZAR progress WP1& WP2 UdZ
PowerPoint - 1.4 Mb
WP1&2 ZAR_April09
Demonstration ZAR progress WP3 SMZV
PowerPoint - 3.7 Mb
WP3 ZAR_April09
Dissemination & Promotion ZAR progress WP4 Ayto. Zaragoza (&UdZ)
PowerPoint - 3.7 Mb
WP4 ZAR_April09
Training ZAR progress WP5 Ayto. Zaragoza (& UdZ)
PowerPoint - 4.1 Mb
WP5 ZAR_April09
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