Minutes of the technical sessions
Title Leaders Download
WP0 : Local coordination and reporting methodologies
Presentation on role, tasks, reporting process (ppt) HESPUL
PowerPoint - 162.5 kb
WP0 techn session 04’08
WP1.1 : Policy recommendations and preparation of Final Report (as Deliverable)
Presentation on Lyon’s progress-impacts on political level (english version) Grand Lyon
PowerPoint - 816 kb
WP1.1 techn session (en) 04’08
French version (ppt) Grand Lyon
PowerPoint - 815.5 kb
WP1.1 techn session (fr) 04’08
Minutes on final report procedure (pdf) Grand Lyon
PDF - 134.3 kb
Minutes WP1.1 techn session (fr) 04’08
WP2 & WP1.2: methodologies issues on simulation/monitoring
Presentation (ppt) focusing on ventilation simulation (WP1.2) CETHIL
PowerPoint - 2.3 Mb
WP1.2 techn session 04’08
Presentation (ppt) on issues regarding monitoring (WP2) UdZ
PowerPoint - 2 Mb
WP2 techn session 04’08
Minutes of exchanges (pdf) CETHIL
PDF - 204.1 kb
Minutes R&D Monitor tech session 04’08
WP1.4 : Fiscal innovative mechanisms
Presentation on ESCo & its feasibility in Zaragoza’s context (ppt) Urbic
PDF - 29.7 Mb
WP1.4 techn session 04’08
Minutes on ESCo feasibility & conclusions (doc) Urbic
Word - 247.5 kb
Minutes ESCo tech session 04’08
WP.4 : Dissemination activities
Minutes on common dissemination tools & activities (ppt) HESPUL
PowerPoint - 500 kb
Minutes WP4 techn session 04’08
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23 February 2015
Lyon Confluence: satellite data support solar energy production in a sustainable new city quarter  [...]