State of progress per communities

This sub-section contains the presentations done by each local community, the 24th of April 2008 (Zaragoza).
These presentations show both the state of progress of their work per Work Package (WP) -since last Oct.2007- and their planned activities for the coming months.

Progress from Oct. 2007- April 2008 & Planned activities Title Leader (Org.) Download
Zaragoza’s Presentation
Local coordination (WP0) ZAR progress WP0 Ecodes & Ayto. Zaragoza
PowerPoint - 1.6 Mb
WP0 ZAR_April08
RTD & Innovation (WP1&2) ZAR progress
WP1& WP2
PowerPoint - 3 Mb
WP1 & WP2 ZAR_April08
Demonstration (WP3) ZAR progress WP3 SMRUZ
PowerPoint - 11.7 Mb
WP3 ZAR_April08
Dissemination & Promotion (WP4) ZAR progress WP4 Ayto. Zaragoza
PowerPoint - 1.3 Mb
WP4 ZAR_April08
Training (WP5) ZAR progress WP5 Ayto. Zaragoza
PowerPoint - 1.3 Mb
WP5 ZAR_April08
Lombardia’s Presentation
RTD & Innovation (WP1) LOM progress WP1 LOM
Lyon’s Presentation
Project & Local coordination (WP0) LYON progress WP0 Hespul
PowerPoint - 1 Mb
WP0 Lyon_April08
RTD & Innovation (WP1) LYON progress WP1 INSA
PowerPoint - 958 kb
WP1 Lyon_April08
Political recommandations (WP1.1) LYON progress WP1.1 (French) Grand Lyon
PowerPoint - 838.5 kb
WP1.1 Lyon_April08
Wood-fuel supply assessment & organisation WP1.3 LYON progress WP1.3 (French) ALE
PowerPoint - 878.5 kb
WP1.3 Lyon_April08
Innovation - monitoring (WP2) LYON progress WP2 Enertech
PowerPoint - 1.6 Mb
WP2 Lyon_April08
Demonstration (WP3) LYON progress WP3 Lyon Confuence
PowerPoint - 8.2 Mb
WP3 Lyon_April08
Dissemination & Promotion (WP4) LYON progress WP4 Grand Lyon
PowerPoint - 828.5 kb
WP4 Lyon_April08 (en)
Dissémination & Communication (WP4) WP4 (ppt in FRENCH)
PowerPoint - 843 kb
WP4 Lyon_April08 (fr)
Training (WP5) LYON progress WP5 ALE
PowerPoint - 779.5 kb
WP5 Lyon_April08 (en)
Formation (WP5) WP5 (ppt in FRENCH)
PowerPoint - 855 kb
WP5 Lyon_April08 (fr)
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