Training Activities (WP5)

Description of Work Package 5 objectives- including WP5.1 & WP5.2

Full Project Key Objective (3 & 5 years programme) :

Work Package 5 meets the following key project objective:

Objective 11 - Training and knowledge development: Measures will include the development of user manuals, the education of key target groups, the creation of best practice guides, establishing benchmarking and performance indicators.

Full Project detailed Objectives under WP5.1 & WP5.2 :

WP5.1: Materials and Guidelines (3 years programme)
See : Full Project objectives & Description of work

WP5.2: Events and Activities (5 years programme)
See : Full Project objectives & Description of work

WP5 : Management overview

WP5.1: Materials and Guidelines (3 years programme)

WP5.1 : Full Project Objectives (3 years programme):

• To develop guidance, materials and resources based on best practice for all partners to enhance the delivery of a successful project outcome and for later use with associate communities.
• To perform the preliminary work required before the delivery of training courses in WP5.2

WP5.1: Description of work (3 years programme)

• Evaluation of existing best practice in production of training materials, guidance, resources and courses.
• Identification and evaluation of key target groups to be addressed through the materials, resources and training courses.
• Identification of training needs in key groups.
• Development of a marketing methodology and key target messages for generating interest amongst the key target groups for receiving training.
• Produce training materials to meet key target groups needs to enable the highest standards of implementation to be achieved.
• Produce Renaissance wide training manuals on form, approval, construction and installation, connection, management and monitoring.
• Develop a means of monitoring success of the training e.g. exam for participants.

WP5.2: Events and Activities (5 years programme)

WP5.2: Full Project Objectives (5 years programme):

• To promote and support the mission of the RENAISSANCE and CONCERTO action through timely and targeted training and other actions for project partners and others
• To use the preliminary work undertaken in WP5.1 to deliver a series of training courses and activities during the Renaissance project
• To focus the training courses and activities on the following key target groups: planners, municipal leaders, architects, building designers, installers, building managers, relevant community groups, fuel suppliers, end users
• To train at least 250 people, drawn from the key target groups in each community, over the project duration (50 per year, per community)
• To implement a means of assessing success for example an exam for those who have been trained.

WP5.2: Description of work (5 years programme)

• To carry out a wide range of training courses and training activities in support of the breadth of activity within the RENAISSANCE project initiative. These will be targeted at key groups identified in WP5.1.
• To develop a training programme detailing training courses and opportunities for partners and for key target groups throughout the Renaissance project linked to milestone activities whenever possible (e.g. PSG meetings) to ensure the maximum value is obtained in terms of participation, profile and effectiveness.
• The training programme content will include an introduction to Concerto and the Renaissance project, EU, national, regional and local issues and then where relevant: basic principles of the technologies applied, cost / benefit considerations, technical considerations, opportunities and barriers to implementation, practical examples from the 3 Renaissance communities in France, Spain and Italy.
• Dissemination and marketing of the methodology and training content to other organisations and communities.
• Review and reflection of the training and the benefits of the learning achieved.

WP5: Management overview

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