Dissemination & Promotion (WP4)

Description of Work Package 4 objectives- including WP4.1 & WP4.2

Full Project Objectives under WP4.1 & WP4.2 :

WP4.1: Local Dissemination (5 years programme)
See : Full Project objectives & Description of work

WP4.2: Common Dissemination Activities (5 years programme)
See : Full Project objective & Description of work

WP4 : Management overview

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WP4.1: Local Dissemination (5 years programme)

WP4.1 : Full Project Objectives (5 years programme):

• To ensure efficient communication and coordination of promotion and dissemination activities across the communities of Zaragoza , Lyon and Lombardy.
• To explore and act on opportunities to promote the project and the Concerto action.
• To establish a clear brand for the RENAISSANCE action within the wider Concerto initiative.
• To analyse target groups for the project, devise appropriate promotion actions and messages and then implement the strategy based upon emerging results from the action.

WP4.1: Description of work (5 years programme)

• To develop all promotion and dissemination opportunities making the most of local, regional, national and European initiatives (e.g. EXPO 2008 in Zaragoza) to promulgate the project outputs and gain maximum positive publicity.
• Analysis of key target groups for the successful promulgation of the Concerto RENAISSANCE integrated project will be followed by development of appropriate promotion methods.
• High profile media (TV and newspaper, journal, trade, specialist) and workshop/ seminar/ conference actions are envisaged and will be used to maximise the opportunity to attract interest in the project, create a desire to replicate and then to go on to act.
• To develop and use a project website linked to Managenergy and Concerto + to communicate between partners, observers, communities (e.g. SAVE Agencies) and others at levels of password protection.
• To develop a Renaissance promotional brochure for the two demonstration projects.
• To develop a shared Renaissance database of images for use by all partners in promotion.
• It will also include activities promoting the exploitation and take up of the results, through the use of the knowledge produced, feasibility studies for the creation of spin-offs, etc.
• To disseminate results via the network of SAVE energy agencies (through the Managenergy action), the IEA (International Energy Agency ‘Task 10 of PVPS’, and through partner memberships of the EREF (European Renewable Energy Federation), EUROSOLAR and other relevant international networks).

WP4.2: Common Dissemination Activities (5 years programme)

WP4.2: Full Project Objective (5 years programme):

• Common EU wide dissemination activities

WP4.2: Description of work (5 years programme)

• Contribution, upon the request of the Commission to the development of online information systems under EC management.
• Participation, upon the request of the Commission, at contractor’s meetings and conferences in association with the EIE and other relevant programmes, EU wide exhibitions etc.
• Contribution, upon the request of the Commission, to the preparation of common presentational brochures related to Concerto actions (integration, methodologies, municipal/regional approaches, distributed electricity generation, renewable heating, solutions proposed, cost/benefit and other relevant indicators).
• Participation, upon the request of the Commission, in the organisation of common dissemination activities.

WP4: Management overview

Local leaders
Community Lyon Lombardia Saragossa
Grand Lyon (+Hespul) LOM Ayto. Zaragoza (+UdZ)
Leader contact:
Hespul Malorie CLERMONT malorie.clermont@hespul.org
Hespul Sylvain KOCH-MATHIAN sylvain.koch-mathian@hespul.org
Grand Lyon Béatrice COUTURIER becouturier@grandlyon.org
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