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RENAISSANCE project, as part of CONCERTO programme, aims to create sustainable model district in Lyon (France) and Zaragoza (Spain). The Region of Lombardy (Italy) takes part as an observer partner on Research & Development activities.

The promotion of an innovative district development is carried on this project as to energy efficiency and the ratio of renewable energy. In order to facilitate the emergence of green district and to tend, in the long run, towards Post-Carbon Cities, this is necessary to invent new tools and to disseminate them.

RENAISSANCE project is now finish!

You can find all the project results in the following sections

Key Documents
Final Conferences
You can download all the project results (final publication, monitoring resuts, etc.) in the "Key documents" http://www.renaissance-project.eu/s... section.
You can access to the minutes and presentation of RENAISSANCE final Conferences:

- in Zaragoza (4-5 June 2012 : here

- in Lyon (20-21 Sept. 2012) : here

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An energy demonstration project supported by the European Commission (DG TREN), 6th Framework Programme
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